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We are an industry leader in automation systems, a proud partner of companies in the manufacturing, agri-food industry, aerospace, industrial, metallurgy and distribution center sectors. Our advanced expertise and strength in integration are recognized and sought after. Our consistent and reliable solutions improve overall performance and efficiency of your operations, by providing a solid framework of stability.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make North American and European industrial automation and control systems more reliable, efficient and 100% compliant through our innovative expertise in project engineering and custom manufacturing.

Management Team

Guy Hatin

Simon Dubreuil, ing.
Director of Operations and Quality

Denise Loubert
Administrative and Financial Director

Our Partners

Vizimax offers innovative remote monitoring and control systems for public utility, industrial and private sectors worldwide. Our scalable and affordable products simplify management decisions and optimize technical and workforce resources, while conforming to industry standards, extending the capabilities of SCADA products, PLCs and RTUs, and providing compatibility with a broad range of communication and PLC protocols. Our cost-effective solutions bring reliable, efficient wide operations networks within the reach of both small and large businesses, and are backed by our personalized, high-quality-service the key to our success for over two decades

Consulting firm in strategy and operations that propels businesses by improving the design, production, distribution and sale of their products.

Exceptional expertise

Complete custom solutions
Specialists in complex systems & compliance with UL, CSA, CE
Risk management & equipment security

Superior implementation support

Turnkey projects
Performance monitoring
Proven execution

Logical structures & complete reliability

Strucured approach and methodology
Dynamic support and training
Facilities maintenance

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"Today LEM control panels and professional expertise are in use throughout North America for Ventilex."
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Numbers speaks for themselves

Employés +170

170 years of combined experience

12 225
14 300

Since its inception in 1969, LEM Technologies has completed more than 14,300 projects