Areas of expertise





We help you avoid pitfalls
  • Deep analysis and testing to detect any problems before implementation.
  • Logical solutions that operate flawlessly.
  • Enable self-management of systems.


We work with you seamlessly
  • Consult with and involve you at every stage of the project, including during critical implementation phases.
  • Activation of systems is closely supervised by our professionals to ensure flawless execution.
  • Training of your staff on security, operating procedures, control and ongoing maintenance.


We stay with you
  • Provide detailed plans and clear operation guides for your automation processes and systems, to augment your team’s understanding and ability to maintain your systems.
  • Comprehensive knowledge sharing and ongoing support.
  • Optional 24/7 remote technical support.


Automation enables machines and production lines to operate efficiently by reducing production staff workload while boosting productivity and quality.


It applies to the entire hierarchy of electronic control-command systems, from measurement sensors to production and resource management, including PLCs, communication buses, visualization, traceability, quality control, and status archiving.

Control systems

A well-designed control system is made up of all components (instruments, relays and PLCs, motor starters, human-machine interfaces, SCADA systems, etc.) needed to operate production machinery in accordance with company needs.


Industrial PLCs are programmable electronic devices used to automate processes such as machine and industrial robot control.

Human-machine interfaces

Human-machine interfaces are user interfaces used to connect a person to a machine, system, or device. They allow you to view the status of a machine, process, or alarm in real time or to adjust machine settings and display production data or earnings, among other tasks.

Control panel manufacturing

Control panel manufacturing requires in-depth knowledge of CSA, UL, and CE standards and of electrical products. Proper panel design ensures the quality, reliability, functionality, and durability of production machine equipment.

Electrical installation

Factory electrical installations must be performed by professionals who have the necessary skills, licenses, and permits to carry out electrical work in accordance with regulatory and customer standards.


SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) systems are software applications that can process large amounts of data from PLCs on plant production machines in real time and control them remotely.

Servo motor motion control

Servo motors and their controllers can be programmed for precision positioning with high accuracy and repeatability. They can also be used to synchronize movements or speeds on different pieces of equipment (robot, conveyor, etc.).

Machine safety

Machine safety involves implementing safety systems to protect employees working on or operating machines with moving parts that could cause injury.

Do your production machines have moving parts or accessible gears your employees have to work on? Are you worried about safety issues? CSA Z432 is the applicable standard to ensure your machinery is safe. Our qualified staff can make sure your equipment meets the safety standards in force.