Production line optimization

Lem Technologies has the expertise to optimize your equipment and production lines to boost equipment efficiency.

We can help you optimize in multiple areas:

  • Reliability; ensuring that all components (starters, sensors, control panel electrical connections) are in good working condition
  • History of work during production shutdowns; which technician performed the repair, description of the problem, solution chosen, analysis of work done to determine if repeat shutdowns are caused by a component in need of replacement
  • History of equipment shutdowns; start time, stop time, reason for shutdown
  • Identity of the operator assigned to the equipment
  • Traceability; which batch number is produced during which period of a shift, day, or week
  • Productivity; number of parts produced by the equipment per shift, per day, per week
  • History of alarms and documented acknowledgements
  • Operation of the equipment; logging of hours and notification of supervisor when equipment requires maintenance
  • SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition); archiving and analysis of all data management requires to make the right decisions
  • Receipt of information; getting information related to production equipment anywhere in the world
  • Remote intervention; we can diagnose problems, modify PLC programming, or add an HMI function from our office via the Internet
  • Recording of rejected quantities
  • Plant communication network including Ethernet, Wi-Fi, cellular, etc.