Upgrading and automation

If you’re looking to increase productivity and performance, improve product quality and equipment reliability, or modernize control and command components that are at the end of their life, Lem Technologies can help. We have similar jobs to our credit in many plants and factories.

Look to us to help solve equipment and production line issues like these:

  • Lack of electrical drawings of complex equipment, resulting in excessive delays in equipment diagnostics
  • Lack of local support, resulting in production shutdowns that last several days when the specialist is not available
  • Need to increase equipment speed, which mechanics are capable of it, but not without having electrical controls replaced or modified
  • Unreliable equipment causing numerous unplanned production shutdowns
  • Product quality issues caused by unstable or non-compliant equipment, resulting in high rejection rate

We draw on the experience we’ve acquired since 1980 in various industries (food, metallurgy, aeronautics, public utilities, equipment manufacturing, and more) to provide you with sound advice and offer you sustainable, state-of-the-art solutions.

We understand your profitability and efficiency challenges. Our knowledge and know-how mean we can provide optimal solutions that meet your needs and match your budget.