Pellet Plant

The Client

We have participated in several projects with this company, which specializes in the production of fertilizer pellets. Its low-emission and energy-efficient products make this plant a great example of sustainable development.


LEM was asked to provide a solution to automate the plant’s monitoring and control systems, which were still manual and therefore at higher risk from human error.


  • The main challenge of this project was to add new production equipment without having to increase the number staff operators, which required a carefully thought-out and effective automation solution

This very successful engagement produced the following solutions and services:


  • Create configurable and flexible production processes; automate routing for each type of product
  • Implement a production monitoring system that would measure output for each type of product
  • Create command posts in each production sector of the factory, complete with touch screens and animated controls, to monitor equipment and processes in each sector and facilitate the work of operators
  • Set up a wireless interactive dosing system, allowing the operator to view and control the weight of each raw material added to the mixer
  • Allow historical archiving of all alarms generated during a shift
  • Automate the flow of product to the press, in order to maximize production to 100%
  • Deploy remote technical support that can diagnose problems and allow changes or additions to the PLC program and operator interfaces (HMI)


LEM created for this client:

  • A reliable, structured, versatile and user-friendly system
  • Automation to eliminate human error and resulting losses
  • Production stoppages are virtually eliminated
  • Traceability of product types for each shift
  • 15% productivity gain after only 6 months
  • Quick and efficient remote support

Efficiency gain estimated:
+ $75,000$/annually

Exceptional expertise

Complete custom solutions
Specialists in complex systems & compliance with UL, CSA, CE
Risk management & equipment security

Superior implementation support

Turnkey projects
Performance monitoring
Proven execution

Logical structures & complete reliability

Strucured approach and methodology
Dynamic support and training
Facilities maintenance

Numbers speaks for themselves

Employés +170

170 years of combined experience


Since its inception in 1969, Lem Technologies has completed more than 14,300 projects