National Silicates

National Silicates

The Client

As part of a project to improve the energy efficiency of its furnace, National Silicates contracted an energy engineering firm to conceptualize the modernization that was required to achieve the objectives set.


Thanks to our multidisciplinary expertise, we were asked to implement the control concept and measure individually each one of the eight furnace burners, to manage in real time the air/gas ratio, and to monitor in real time gas pressures.

To go from concept to reality, Lem Technologies performed the following tasks:

  • Design of a remote control panel annexed to the existing automated control to add the new inputs and outputs required
  • Electrical drawings of the new furnace control panel to integrate it in the plant according to existing electrical drawings
  • Electrical installation to connect new gas equipment: shut-off valves, modulating valves, flowmeters, pressure transmitters, temperature sensors, position switches, pressure switches
  • Analysis of the existing PLC program to add real-time management of the air/gas ratio and pressure monitoring



  • Addition of programming for PID control of the gas supply of each burner
  • Improvement of the speed control of the combustion air fan to ensure air/gas ratio control stability
  • Collaboration with various stakeholders (engineering firm, combustion technician, maintenance technician) for testing, control loops and putting furnace back in running position after modernization

That successful modernization provided National Silicates with the following benefits:

• Improved combustion and fuel savings
• Improved temperature stability leading to improved performance of the process
• Better control of the internal pressure in the furnace, reducing the frequency of retrofits

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