Management team

Guy Hatin

Simon Hatin
Director of Operations and Quality

André Ste-Marie, CPA, CGA
Administrative and Financial Director

Daniel Deblois, ing.
Responsible, Automation and Equipment
Security Department

Arezki Baouz
Estimation Department and Designer

Our partners

Vizimax offers innovative remote monitoring and control systems for public utility, industrial and private sectors worldwide. Our scalable and affordable products simplify management decisions and optimize technical and workforce resources, while conforming to industry standards, extending the capabilities of SCADA products, PLCs and RTUs, and providing compatibility with a broad range of communication and PLC protocols. Our cost-effective solutions bring reliable, efficient wide operations networks within the reach of both small and large businesses, and are backed by our personalized, high-quality-service the key to our success for over two decades

Consulting firm in strategy and operations that propels businesses by improving the design, production, distribution and sale of their products.